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The Office Farm in Action

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Technical Details


- Dimensions [cm]: Height: 200, Width 140, Depth: 30
- No water connection needed. Only regular plug to eletricity. 

Reusable Pots


When only growing lettuce, harvest up to 6 lettuces a week.

How we grow goodness..

Unique Plant Scheduling

Every week employees can plant or harvest

Soilless Growing Method

LED lighting and a nutrient solution create perfect growing conditions


Take advantage of our early bird prcing.

Office Farm: 2490€

- Only for the first 5 customers.
We will increase onetime payment prices after that and offer a subscription model additionally.

- Shape the product with us.
We will be working closely together and pay special attention to your needs and feedback.

- Immediate customer support.
We will come to your location and resolve any issues timely to ensure smooth operation.


- Seeds Pack of 4: 2.99€
Enough for one module, one month.

-Nutrients 1l: 14.99€
Enough for about 3 Months

-PH Up/Down 0.5l: 9.99€
Only rarely needed.

Currently we only ship to Berlin. The actual product might change slightly due to continuous improvements.